Solutions for Lighthouse Authorities

Lighthouse Authorities are the agencies that are often primarily responsible for the provision and maintenance of aids to navigation in their region. Aeromarine offers reliable solutions including medium and long-range marine lanterns, offshore navigation buoys, lighthouse equipment, AIS, and remote monitoring of assets to service these client needs.

  • Turnkey floating aids including large polyethylene buoyage systems, traditional and synthetic mooring design, and integrated marine lanterns with remote monitoring capabilities
  • A range of innovative equipment for lighthouse modernization, including high-intensity LED light source, and LED controller to provide advanced monitoring and control features
  • The industry’s most efficient long-range lanterns providing up to 190,000cd from 2-Tier arrays
  • AIS, GSM, and Satellite monitoring and control platform provides an end-to-end asset management system to manage Lighthouse Authority AtoN networks
  • Widest range of AtoN products for Lighthouse Authorities, enables clients to work with one reliable manufacturer
  • Global footprint of company-owned facilities provides for local engineered and manufactured solutions
  • Experience project management personnel
  • Cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance solutions
  • Global connectivity through multiple communication methods
  • IALA Guidelines & Recommendations
  • Applicable range of environmental certifications
  • Applicable range of electrical certifications

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