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  Solar Aviation Lighting
Avlite Product Showcase
Marine Lanterns
Airfield Lights
Avlite airfield lights include taxiway edge lighting, barricade lighting, obstruction lighting, apron edge and helipad edge lighting. The lights provide enormous cost and reliability advantages over traditional lighting, and require no wiring or bulb replacement.
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Marine Buoys
Obstruction Lights
Avlite obstruction lights include compact models used extensively to mark towers in Asia, in addition to a series of self-contained Low Intensity Obstruction Lights compliant with LIOL A and LIOL B requirements for towers up to 105 meters.
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Offshore Navaids
Hazard Beacons
Avlite hazard beacons include a series of solar-powered LED beacons capable of years of zero-maintenance service.
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Barge & Bridge Lights
Area Lighting
Avlite have a proprietary range of solar-powered LED area lighting systems including airfield sign lights, domed luminaires and various fixtures, and complete area lights - the perfect solution for illuminating work areas.
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Leading Lights
Accessories to Avlite products include; non-slip rubber mounting tiles, frangible mounting couplings (tested to FAA standards), ground mounting kits, pole-mount kits & various adaptor fittings. If you can’t find your required accessory here, we can probably build it.
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