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Products such as Wheel brushes , Shaft welded brushes, Knotted wire cup brushes, End brushes, Crimped wire cup brushes & Crimped wheel brushes.
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Cobolt Pneumatic Blowers
Products such as Typhoon air tubine TPF-16 ventilator, Typhoon air tubine TPF-12 ventilator & Portable Pneumatic Ventilators

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Ramfan Explosion Proof
Products such as Pneumatic air movers, pneumatic ventilators, explosion proof ventilators & many more.
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Expandable Scupper Plugs
Cobolt expandable scupper plugs are used for sealing scupper holds for spilled oil or polluted liquids. The plugs are inserted into the drain holes and tightened the handle until a slight resistant is felt. The rubber parts are made of oil resistant rubber. Seven sizes are available.
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Pneumatic Ventilation Fans, Intrinsically Safe for Adverse and Hazardous Environment
Quality Parts Dependable and Value price portable pneumatic Ventilation Fans. Intrinsically safe for adverse and hazardous environment. Compact, Lightweight, Powerful and Quite.
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Cobolt Flange Jacks & Cobolt Neoprene Rubber Buckets
The jack exert tremendous pressure smoothly and evenly and are parted quickly and held in perfect alignment without damage to flange faces . Solid in 2pcs / set only.
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Air Tools
Scaling Hammers, Needle Scalers / Flux Scaler, Fastening Tools, Grinder Tools, Air Drill and Pro-Air Tools
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Fire Hoses, Hose Couplings and Fog Nozzles
Fire hose with rubber lining in 20 and 30 meters length. Available sizes: I.D. 50 mm and 65 mm only.
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Tank Cleaning Machine, Cobolt Hydro-Vclean, Cobolt Tank Cleaning Saddle & Accessories
Colblt Tank Cleaning Machine, Hose Saddle 300C, Hose Saddle 400C, Tank Cleaning Hose 21/2", Y-Piece Coupling, Hose Coupling, Double Male Coupling, Rubber packings, Hose Coupling Spanner and Combination Spanner.
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Dyken Water Driven Turbine Hydrojet Gas Freeing Ventilators
Dyken line of gas products are equipped with a powerful 2 inch inlet and Dyken performance turbine (Anodised Aluminium Casting coated with Epoxy Point). Redesigned, improved new models are lightweight in construction.
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Ventilation Solutions
This high performance 12-inch / 8-inch ventilation fan is the right choice for your high volume ventilation needs special features include one piece cast aluminium impeller rugged steel housing assuring durable product life cycle a sure grip handle maks setup.
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Hydro Blasting
Compact, Lightweight, Powerful, Chemical treated (Anodised) and durable.
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Oil Gauging Tape / Oil Sounding Tape
To calculate the oil volume in a tank where water has penetrated this can be done by gauging and sounding the tank's ullage and oil-water interface level it is best to equip with a grounding wire to prevent risk of static electricity recommended to use cobolt.
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Pastic-Non-Spark Safety Tool
Pastic shovels and scoops are used widely in safety industries. Pastic shovel and scoop are manufactured with anti-static properties H. D. Polypropylene.
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Pneumatic Deck Scaler - 11 Piston (Reciprocating)
Cobolt CS-11 Heavy Duty Pneumatic desk scalers are used for removing heavy rusts, paints on floor or deck and concrete where there is no electricity available.
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Pneumatic Hi Speed Mucking Winch Cobolt Pneumatic Hi-speed Mucking Winch is designed for speedy removal of scale and galvanized to sustain harsh environmental climate especially onboard operations. Ergonomically design handle and wheels system for superior maneuvering, transportation and setup.
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Portable Scaling Machine Electric Or Pneumatic Series
Portable, Dependable, Value price scaling Machine and Accessories.
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Quick Connect Couplers
Quick Connect Couplers, Cast Bronze Air Hose Connection and Line Couples.
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Roto Rust Surface Machine
Cobolt is the manufacture of special tools for surface preparation, scaler and medium and large unit rust removal machine.
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Roto-Rust Surface Machine Chains-Links Series
Cobolt is the manufacturer of the special tools for surface preparation, scaler and medium large removal machine. Cobolt machines
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Machine Chains
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Marine Venturi / Movers
Use for General Ventilation in any Location where compressed air available. Use for exhaust as well as supply.
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Cobolt Hardware Equipments
Gasket punching tool table and dies
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Cobolt Air Ducting
Cobolt Hydro Vclean tank cleaning machine V-6500W is powerful machine capable of rotating 360 degrees to clean any difficult concentrations of cargo . It is used on tankers, petrochemical and chemical processing industries.
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