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Marine Lanterns
For use on bent and flanged pipes in areas where maintenance is not a consideration and/or space is limited. ExoWrap® has a pressure sensitive adhesive on the inner side for ease of installation.
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Marine Lanterns
NoSpray® - Protective Tape
Protection System is a type approved aluminum/glass cloth jacketing system designed to prevent the flammable spray of hot oil which can come in contact with hot surfaces thus causing fires in vessel engine rooms.
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Marine Lanterns
NoSpray® Sheilds
NoSpray® Shields are designed to contain the spray of hazardous liquids in vessel engine rooms, a cause of dangerous fires and loss of life and property.
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Marine Lanterns
PetroWrap® Anti-Corrosion Tape
The PetroWrap® Anti-Corrosion System has been developed for long term protection of metal surfaces that are underground, underwater, or exposed - even in the most severe environments.
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Marine Lanterns
CanSeal® Marine Tape
CanSeal is the heavy duty hatch sealing tape manufactured in Canada with extraordinary strength, adhesion and flexibility. At 5.0 mm thick and reinforced with specially treated fiberglass mesh, CanSeal® Marine Tape ensures that your cargo will arrive damage free.
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Marine Lanterns
CanSeal/R® Roll Type Marine Tape
CanSeal-R is the premium quality roll type marine tape recommended for moderate weather conditions. CanSeal-R is available in two widths and combines quality and convenience at a very economical price.
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Marine Lanterns
SteamKote® HT Pipe Dressing
Anticorrosive Security Plastic compound, orange - a fluorescent orange plastic designed for safety applications on board ships instead of paint.
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Marine Lanterns
CanFix® Emergency Repair Kit
CanFix Emergency Repair Kit is a complete system for making emergency repairs to a wide variety of pipe materials. CanFix consists of a patented, fiberglass cloth impregnated.
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