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Boulder Bags
Boulder Bags derive their name from gold dredgers and nugget hunters who use them for lifting boulders in the shallow rivers of California's mother-lode country.
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Enclosed Pillow Bags
Enclosed Pillow Bags are totally enclosed, with over-pressure valves to vent expanding air as they ascend. The advantage of Pillow Bags over the Open Bottom Bags is that they can attain their maximum lift in much less
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Open Bottom Lift Bags
Open Bottom Lift Bags are very versatile light-to-medium-duty lift bags. They are excellent for sport divers, and are suitable for most types of underwater lifting and light salvage. All but the 25 lb, 50 lb and 75 lb bags
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Propeller Bags
Propeller Bags are specifically designed for installing and removing boat propellers, but they are well-suited for several shallow water lifting jobs. To stabilize the lift of a heavy prop
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Personal Floats
The Personal Floats (CBPF) may be the single most important pieces of diving equipment that you ever own.
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Spear Fishing Floats
The Spear Fishing Floats are smaller versions of the personal floats that are designed to be used by spear fishermen to bring speared fish to the surface.
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Salvage Tubes
Salvage Tubes are highly versatile in the number of ways in which they can be deployed. They can be used as pontoons for supporting docks and other floating structures and they are also excellent for pipe-laying
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Repair Kits
Large and Small
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