General Supply:
Aeromarine ensures cost efficient procurement on a global scale, straight from the source in this way, we guarantee best value for money and quality consistency of products supplied.

Aeromarine is a listed vendor for major marine and industrial brands.
For Maritime Business For Remote Site Management Engine Stores
Ropes and hawsers Light equipment Chemical products program.
Cargo and deckfittings Consumables Spare parts
Safety and firefighting Spare parts Insulation products
Gases and welding equipment Tools and hardware Steel / metalwork
Hatch equipment and spares Safety and protection equipment    
    Stationary, sanitary + janitorial supplies    
    Office equipment    
    Power generation    
    Climate control supplies    
    Skilled and unskilled labours.    
Aeromarine holds exclusive distributorships of various reputed manufactures:
M/S Sealite Pvt. Ltd. (Australia) M/S QMI (U. K.)
M/S Ferryl Sales Ltd. (Sweden) M/S Cobolt Marine Products (Singapore)
M/S Parmaris (U. K.) M/S Avlite System's (Australia)
M/S KUKEN Co. Ltd. (Japan) M/S Polyform (U.S.)
M/S Tufropes Pvt. Ltd. (India) M/S VECOM (The Netherlands )
M/S SpillTech (U.S.A.) M/S HPE (U.K.)
M/S Innovative Manufacturing Inc. (Canada) M/S Safehaven Marine (Ireland)
Aeromarine holds agencies for various reputed manufactures and has expanded its portfolio daily in order to offer to clients the best. Please ask us for an update of the agencies list.
Aeromarine’s full logistic concept combines transport, warehousing and consolidation into tailormade distribution solutions for a broad group of clients, guaranteeing a secure supply chain for our clients is one of today’s primary targets.
Various manufactures have entrusted Aeromarine to act as their marketing and distribution partner.