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Ports And Harbours

Ports and Harbours

Aeromarine is a world leader in designing and manufacturing AtoN solutions to safely guide vessels into ports and harbours.

Integrated solutions include medium and large-scale navigation buoys, solar powered marine lanterns, electronic navigation, and port entry lighting systems.

  • Stand-alone and solar-powered marine lanterns from 1NM to 23NM visible ranges.
  • High precision Port Entry Lighting systems designed to suit specific port approaches consisting of LED PELs (Port Entry Lights), high-intensity range lights, and other complimentary signalling equipment.
  • Complete small, medium, or large-scale buoyage systems with innovative mooring arrangements.
  • AIS, GSM, and Satellite monitoring and control platform provides an end-to-end asset management system to manage Port and Harbour networks
  • The Widest range of AtoN products for construction, enables clients to work with one reliable manufacturer
  • Global footprint of company-owned facilities provides for local engineered and manufactured solutions
  • Experience project management personnel
  • Cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance solutions
  • Global connectivity through multiple communication methods
  • IALA Guidelines & Recommendations
  • Applicable range of environmental certifications
  • Applicable range of electrical certifications